Fully managed product, design, and engineering teams

We specialize in crafting tailored software solutions, with a focus on both web and mobile applications. 

KontorVA provides fully managed remote talents resource that deliver in-house quality products, helping you scale predictably, launch new products, and enter new markets.

Our Mission

We have set out on a mission to provide startups and SMEs with the key functional support they need to grow their ventures.

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Our journey

Explore our journey as we’ve evolved over time & experienced significant milestones.

2020 – Inception

Jill Cannon Associates was founded in Nairobi, Kenya, with a vision to tackle enterprises’ internal talent shortages. We tirelessly provided innovative tech solutions to businesses, addressing the challenges of talent shortages.

2022 – A New Chapter: KontorVA

Undergoing a transformation in 2022, we emerged with a new name: KontorVA. “Kontor,” from the Estonian word for “Office,” signifies our commitment to enhancing office environments globally. KontorVA reflects our core mission: “Office Remote Help.”

Present Day – Empowering Enterprises

Today, KontorVA is a trusted partner for enterprises in Africa and Europe, offering cutting-edge tech solutions that empower businesses to thrive despite talent shortages.

The Future – Innovation and Growth

Looking ahead, KontorVA remains dedicated to innovation and growth, helping enterprises unlock their full potential in an ever-changing business landscape. Join us on our journey as we redefine the modern office concept and provide unparalleled remote assistance to businesses worldwide.

Our team

Distributed, diverse team with the highest combined level of technical proficiency.

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Based in Tallinn, Estonia and Nairobi, Kenya

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